Our on air radio dj Elev8tors

DJ G Streets


The Global Goonie Takeover has become the wave of the streets and the hottest independent artist platform in the country

Terry B.


South Jersey Jamz with Terry B. set your Sunday's in motion with a cool vibe 



DJ L4J "The Litty King" cotrols the dance floor and the people on it like he has Professor X abilities. When his needle drops the crowd turns up!!!

DJ Kev


DJ Kev is may be young but his scratch skills take you back to the days of DJ Jazzy Jeff. As a part of team L4J he is definitely a power keeping their crew charged.



Check out New Music Monday's and Throwback Thursday's with Preem as he opens up the airwaves to something new on Monday's and throws you back on Thursday's.

Garden State Pusher


Garden State Pusher has carved his lane as an MC, event host, and a radio show/podcast host. Tune in as the head of the "Round Table" sparks the airwaves like Atlantic City lights

Mind Elev8tion


Elev8te your mind and take control...unlock the keys to free your soul. This is the talk show that can talk you off the edge of destruction and onto the edge of creativity.

Zamoonda 4Gone


Zamoonda 4Gone takes you on a ride through the crates as he digs through all the hot music from the mixtape era, the 2,000's, back to the 70's  and everywhere around and in-between

Sheesh Sheesh Shabrinkles


Sheesh Sheesh serves the table with Food For Thought...some sweet treats but a whole lot of hot topics.

Darren and Sharonda


Join the Bunton's as they take you into the Black Love Experience as they talk about  traveling, music, food, and politics.

DJ Cruz


Ride with DJ Cruz for his evening "Traffic Jam" radio show and also on Thursday's when him and Preem take you back to the essence as they host "Throwback Thursday's".